Fund Raising

Thanks to Clare at Rotary International, they’ve made it easier than ever to set up a secure fund raising page hosted by RI. Follow this link to a video with step by step instructions for setting up your page, and even suggestions on how to engage donors. The good news is with an online page we can track donations, and you can even log donations made by non Rotarians. Watch the video and then go to Raise for Rotary.

As an additional, and simpler option, turn in your donations to your club as you would any other donation earmarked for PolioPlus and report the total donations for the November 18 ride to me so they can be counted toward our total. Please do not report donations that are made at the online site you’ve set up so they are not double counted.  

Simply tell me your amount by emailing me.

Happy riding!
Gary Hirsch

2024 Ride Director