Friday Dinner

Photo by James S. Wood

GOOD NEWS. If you enjoyed the dinner at Brother
John’s last year, you’ll enjoy a similar feast and celebration this year. We’ve already locked in the venue for Friday, November 18. More details and sign-up to follow as we get closer.

The dinner is open to cyclists, friends and family and all Rotarians until we are full.A cash bar will be available at 5:00 PM and dinner will be served at 6:00. The buffet menu includes a vegan option. Although we expect inflation to hit our costs as well, we will try our best to keep the cost close to the $40 charge from 2021.

If you’ve joined us for the dinner in the past, you know it is lots of fun with some short talks, lots of cool door prizes, and lots of time for fellowship and reunion.

REGARDING COVIDWe have no idea of the direction COVID will take, and so we affirm that we will follow the public health, and common sense guidelines that in place at the time.